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The smart way to SEND money. Fast, safe and almost no cost.

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Thanks to our sharing economy...

We find the best route for your money, connecting you with cryptocurrency buyers and sellers (Traunders). Both in the origin and destination country.

So you can Send, Receive, Pay and Charge throughout Latin America at the cost of a local transfer.

Become part of the Traund community and enjoy the benefits of having no borders for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transfers are made based on the concept of the sharing economy.Our algorithm searches the best way to route your money using various methods such as cryptocurrency networks, related transactions, among others. When you make the deposit, you do it to a bank account of a person or company (not a Traund bank account). Traund never has access to the money; However, We ensure 100% of it!

Traund does not charge commissions.However, there is a Traund network fee, which is variable. But don't worry, all costs are included in the calculation. What you see is what will be sent to the target country!

YES, Traund is never in contact with your money (You transfer the intended amount directly to your Traunder and vice versa to the intended recipient). Each transaction is backed by a security deposit which equals the amount sent. We guarantee your money is 100% secured. So far, we have sent over 70,000.00 USD without losing a single penny!

A Traunder is a person or company that will help you make your transfer. For each transaction, there are 2 Traunders (one in origin and one in the target country). Traunders are mainly cryptocurrency sellers and buyers (traders). They can also be people who need to send money cross-border and other money transfer companies. We are always looking for the best way to send your money!

Transfers have a time limit of 12hrs. But so far, on average, the money is received within 4hrs or less.

The limits vary from a minimum amount of 20 USD to a maximum amount of 5000 USD (or equivalent in the selected currency). In addition, you can only send up to 5000 USD each month.

We are always ready to help you. Send us a message to our customer service chat with the following information: - Country of origin. - Destination country. - Amount to be sent.